Dear Families,


My name is Jen Rudd and I am president of the HPTA. I have 3 children - Talia who is in 1st grade, Aaron who is in preschool, and Keila who was born in June of 2017. When my husband took a new job in Cambridge in the summer of 2016, we spent a lot of time researching towns and school districts within commuting distance. We landed on Hopkinton not only for the small town feel, but also because it was one of the best school districts in the state.  



As the first person in my family to have graduated college, I understand how important education is, and how children need the support of not only their families, but their teachers and the entire community in order to excel. This is why I am so passionate about the HPTA and making sure we are not only successful in our fundraising endeavors, but also supporting our school district in meaningful ways. 


My background is in business, but my degree is from a small liberal arts college. I consciously chose that track because I wanted to be a valuable member of the community I lived in. It prepared me to better understand the complexities of such a vast organization - especially one that is integral to the success of our school district.


My focus for 2017-2018 is improve the communication of the HPTA. In order to earn your support, we need to better share our efforts and offer more opportunities in advance for parents and faculty to get involved. We many great things every year. Most weeks we are at every school at least once with various enrichment activities, parent volunteers, and organizing events for our children. It truly does take a village, and we are there to support the village. 


Our goal this year is to again hit the $100,000 mark.  Many of you have been consistent supporters of the HPTA.  We cannot thank you enough for your generosity.  In order to continue to be an integral part of enriching the education of all our students, we continue to need your support. 


Please consider becoming a member of the HPTA.  Membership is an annual event and the cost is $25 per family.  These dues go toward funding our impressive budget.  Make sure to check out our volunteer forms.  None of this would be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers.  


Please remember - no contribution is too small, and we welcome opportunities to get everyone involved, highlighting their talents and experience. 


Thank you, 

Jen Rudd, PMP



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