Teaming Up for Education

The HPTO has been supporting our schools and students for over 25 years.  Since it’s inception in 1993, the HPTO has contributed over $2.75 million directly to our Hopkinton Schools. This year our goal is to raise over $100,000. 


For the 2015-2016 school year, the HPTO provided our schools with funding for items listed below:


Center School - $7,300

Elmwood School - $10,300

  • Appreciation Luncheons

  • Windows on Wildlife

  • Len Cabral Storyteller

  • Pumpernickel Puppets

  • Arithmetickles assembly

  • Barbara McGrath, visiting author

  • FoodPlay assembly

  • STEAM Bus

  • Field Day popsicles

  • Appreciation Luncheons

  • Johnny the K

  • Diane Edgecomb Storyteller

  • Boston Tea Party assembly

  • Techsplortion

  • Potato Hill Poetry

  • Fun with Science - Fossils

  • Leventhal Map Center

  • Kenyan Runner Day

  • David Coffin Life at Sea assembly 

  • $900 in leveled reading books

  • Field Day Popsicles

Hopkins School - $9,800

Middle School - $11,900

  • Appreciation Luncheons

  • Techsploration

  • Jarrett Krosoczka Author Visit

  • Lyn Hoopes Poetry Workshop

  • Art supplies for the art room

  • 4th Grade Movie Night

  • Field Day Popsicles

  • Appreciation Luncheons

  • Shakespeare Now!

  • Hale Reservation

  • Yoko Watkins

  • Folk Art Center

  • FOCUS books

  • Art for Your Mind

  • Pyramid and Pharaohs assembly

  • Elder Tea event

  • Scholastic Art competition fees

  • 8th Grade Promotion materials

High School - $18,800

  • Appreciation Luncheons

  • UNH Jazz Festival

  • Boston Symphony Hall Trip

  • Scholastic Art Awards

  • Art All State

  • Principal Art Awards

  • Art Show expenses

  • Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren

  • RAD bags

  • Library Speaker - Henna Artist

  • Jason Myles Goss speaker

  • Matt Destruel speaker

  • Book Club books

  • Model UN fees and busing

  • Freshman Orientation

  • Hiller Student of the Month program

  • Science Fair 

  • Post Prom donation

  • Wellness Fair

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art trip

  • Top of the Hill plaques

  • American Legion Boys/Girls State

  • Senior Transition Day

Keep it going!  keep it growing!

How do we reach our $100,000 goal?  It is through the support of our families and community that we are successful in our pursuit to enhance the educational experience for all the students in the Hopkinton Public Schools.  The majority of the funds we bring in is generated from three sources: membership, extracurricular programs and fundraising.


Fundraising is made up of many facets:


Corporate Sponsors

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