Hopkins Understanding Our Differences

3/8/2017 7:24 am

Spanning four weeks in January and February, Hopkins School students experienced the Understanding Our Differences units on Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Blindness and Low Vision, and Learning Disabilities. This is a unique program that strives to foster respect, acceptance, and compassion for people of all abilities.

Activities included Emotions Charades, End the “R” Word, Mirror Box, Circle Story, Memory Game, Braille, and Mobility activities. The activities pushed students out of their comfort zones to give them a sense of what it’s like for people with disabilities. At the beginning, there was frustration and confusion, but as strategies were discussed and employed to help, they were able to complete the tasks and feel proud of their accomplishments. Patience, encouragement, and understanding for themselves and others were take-away concepts.

Thank you to the numerous parent volunteers that gave their time over multiple days to make this program a success!


Mirror Box Activity

Mirror Box Activity: Students had to write their names only by looking into a mirror.


Circle Story Activity

Circle Story Activity: Students played a game where they added on to a story and then repeated the process but could not use the letter N.

Memory Game Activity

Memory Game Activity: Students were shown a tray with multiple items on it. Several items were removed and students guessed which items were removed.



Braille Activity: Students learned the basics of a brailler and even learned to braille their own names.

Grab Bag

Grab Bag & Adaptive Equipment Activity: Blindfolded students reached into a bag and attempted to identify an object.


Grab Bag & Adaptive Equipment


Grab Bag & Adaptive Equipment Activity: A parent volunteer demonstrated a magnifier that could be used by an individual with low vision.

Foreign Currency

A parent volunteer showcased foreign currency with adaptations which allow the blind or those with low sight to easily identify bills.

Sighted Guide

A parent volunteer demonstrated how to serve as a sighted guide.


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