Subscribe to the Hopkinton Public Schools & HPTA Google Calendars

The HPTA Source Book calendars were created in Google Calendar and as a result are compatible with a variety of iCal compliant calendar programs (such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Cozi, Windows Live Calendar and Yahoo! Calendar). There is a main HPS district calendar that includes all district-wide dates, such as holidays and vacations. Everyone should subscribe to this main calendar. There is also a calendar for each school, with school-specific events, so you only need to subscribe to the school calendars that are relevant to your family. Each calendar has a unique iCal address that you can use to subscribe to it with most online calendars and smartphones. When you subscribe to a calendar, events that are added or updated by the HPTA / HPS will automatically be updated on your device or online calendar too.

  • HPS Calendar (HPS District-wide dates, such as holidays and vacations):
  • HPTA Calendar (HPTA dates – including Extracurricular enrollment dates, Fall Carnival, Spring Children’s Gallery Event, etc.):
  • Community Calendar (Community School Support Group dates – HEF Winter Gala, SPEAC Parent Workshops, etc.):
  • Preschool Calendar:
  • Center School Calendar:
  • Elmwood Calendar:
  • Hopkins Calendar:
  • Middle School Calendar:
  • High School Calendar:
  • Elementary Calendar:
  • Secondary Calendar:

There are some basic calendar subscription tutorials available on the Wellesley Public Schools website for your reference.

Troubleshooting and Tips

  • Be sure to “subscribe” to the calendars, rather than just “adding” the calendar events. When you subscribe the calendar will automatically sync with your device and any new events will automatically be added. For example if an event is cancelled and rescheduled due to bad weather, your calendar will automatically be updated.
  • If you already sync your calendars with your phone, you probably have the option to sync all your newly subscribed calendars to your phone too.
  • To report date/time errors, missing information or typos, please contact the district or school main office staff.
  • Technical Questions: Christine Tourigny, 



Hopkinton Public Schools & HPTA Source Book Calendars


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